Branding something memorable...

With olfactive branding we create a unique fragrance, a sensorial fingerprint that speaks for you, through a most ancient instinct: olfaction.

Olfactive branding

Perfume is a secret ambassador and ally, able to intrigue and entice without being seen, able to speak directly to the subconscious mind and emotions, and will be the most precious business card to make your client experience a triple-sensorial reality: sight, sound and scent which will remain as a memorable identity for your brand.

Olfactive memory

Research shows that people remember:

5% of what they see, 20% of what they hear, 1% of what they touch, 35% of what they smell.*

Brands invest 83% of their resources on visual campaigns, reducing the opportunity for a more memorable approach:

People remember a fragrance without any effort, unconsciously, the olfactive-memory lives in our subconscious. A fragrance, like a magic potion, evokes our memories, revives emotions, and creates new connections.

Olfactive marketing

By bonding a scent to a brand you can achieve better sales results, the perception of the brand is elevated and sophisticated, the fragrance lends a unique quality to the product.

...Scent becomes a precious commodity, an elemental force that can’t be digitalised - only memorised.