Sight and hearing sensory channels are over-saturated, what’s neglected is scent. In this moment in time the goal is to offer the client an immersive experience that is personal, personalised and unique...



Evaluation experience,

The company, the product, and the message to spread. The audience and geography. The audience and its feature and expectation.

let us recommend fragrances

The fragrances suitable for the intended purpose, the finest ingredients that will form the olfactory logo.

and diffusion protocol to obtain the best result.

The diffusion protocol, the kind, the exact position and nebulising machines scenography, fragrances intensity and its modulation through the day depending on the place to treat.

You just need a sound, a scent, already heard or inhaled in the past, to experience them again, both in the memory and together in the present, real without being current, ideal without being abstract, because eternal but hidden essences of things are released, and our inner-consciousness, sometimes dormant for a long time, awakens.

Marcel Proust

Our noses would be delighted to create a tailor-made fragrance unique to your brand. Specific materials are chosen meticulously to obtain high quality and olfactive delightfulness.


Our fragrances are exclusively produced in Italy, are hypoallergenic and antibacterial, provided along with safety data information (MSDS) which is registered at the Italian Health Ministry. They also comply with the VOC and IFRA standards.

Nothing is in the intellect
that was not first in the senses