Shops, autosalon and commercial activities

Olfactive branding gives tangible results in sales. Fragrance creates an unconscious connection with the consumer inducing them to a higher state of relaxation and emotional well-being. On the practical side this retains the client for longer in the pleasant atmosphere that brings them peacefulness.

Spa, bank, gym, hotels, events

Luxury and memorability reside in the details; the capacity to create a reassuring environment for an anxious jet-setter, instil fresh energy at the end of day, design a sophisticated and welcoming environment to let the client live a dream, energise and facilitate human interaction: olfactive branding is the key!

Office, work place, medical ambulatory

In crowded offices or in competitive workplaces, olfactive branding can raise comfort and concentration, making staff more efficient with softened stress levels. Essential oils are utilised for their therapeutic effect to treat mood regulation, distraction reduction, and to stimulate pleasant feeling and well-being, eliminating unpleasant odours and stale smells.